Heart in Hand Horsemanship

Horsemanship Lessons with Tabitha Morgan

What is Horsemanship?

Horsemanship includes all aspects of having a healthy working partnership with a horse.  It involves understanding who they are as a species, and knowing how to meet their species-specific needs; it promotes caring for, working with, training and riding horses in a manner that is appropriate for them, and not just for us.  Although being a good rider is part of being a good horseman, it’s not the only part.  Horsemanship is non-denominational, and good horsemen can be found in any discipline.  The costume of the rider doesn’t define what good horsemanship is – how the horse feels about working with the human does.

This is Tabitha Morgan's passion she wishes to share with whomever is willing learn.  Tabitha teaches you how to have fun with horses while promoting safety and putting the relationship with the horse first.  She has been blessed to know many excellent horseman who have shared their wisdom and expertise, and now she wants to share it with you.